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Have You Updated Your Information

Have You Updated Your Payees?

Complete the required update by March 12, 2020 and be entered into a draw for a $1,000 cash prize and three $300 cash prizes!*


Increase the speed of payments from your account and remove any delays to deposits by completing an update to your payee transfers.


Some of your recurring payments and direct deposits are not set-up under your current account number. We’ll need your assistance to update your payees (the companies who remove or put money into your account) with your current account number by March 12, 2020. Your current account number can be found on your online banking profile, on the letter that was mailed to you in January or you can call us at 1.866.923.4778


After March 12, 2020, withdrawals or deposits using your old account number will expire.


How to update payees: 

To make this process as easy as possible for you there are three ways we can provide you with support:

  1. Set up your Online Banking access to use ClickSWITCH, a free, easy-to-use service that will help you transfer most of your current withdrawals and deposits quickly in just a few clicks. If you decide not to use ClickSWITCH, or if your payees cannot be updated using the service, you’ll need to contact your payees directly and provide them your current account number.
  2. Set-up an appointment at your branch and we’ll work with you to update your payees.
  3. Call us at 1.866.923.4778 and we’ll help manage the changes to your payees over the phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What information do I need to provide to change my direct deposit or withdrawal?

You will need to provide them with your route, transit and account number. There are 3 ways to identify this information:

  • On the First Calgary mobile app. Tap on ‘Account’ and then ‘Account Details’.
  • A cheque tied to your current account
  • By calling us at 1.866.923.4778 

Do I need to have an online banking account to use ClickSWITCH?

Yes. If you don’t have Online Banking yet, give us a call at 1.866.923.4778 and we’ll get you set up.


Do I need to update a payee if I don’t want to have direct deposit or withdrawals with them anymore?

If you do not want to continue to use a payee currently depositing or withdrawing from your account, you need to reach out to them to stop any payments.


Update Forms for Commonly Used Payees

The Legal Stuff:

Legal Terms of Use apply. *Terms and Conditions for Draw can be found here