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Tips To Navigate Your New Website

Welcome to the new and improved!

How does it look so far? Not bad, right? You can expect your online experience to be seamless, intuitive and better looking! Let us know what you think at 403.520.8111.


If you're experiencing any of the following issues, here's a few ways you can quickly troubleshoot.


  1. How do I find Online Banking? 
    Visit the Members Area. This is the page you'll want to bookmark right away for quick access to your online banking and member updates!
  2. The mobile banking app isn't working. 
    We issued a mandatory update through the Google Play and the Apple Store recenty. If you're having issues, please check to ensure that you have the updates automatically installing for your app. If they aren't automated, you will need to apply the update from the app stores. Give us a call if you're still experiencing issues after that and our teams can walk you through what to do!
  3. Some pages aren't displaying properly. What should I do? 
    If you're having any trouble viewing anything on the new website, please try clearing your browser cache. Give us a call if you're still experiencing issues after that!
  4. I can't remember my password.
    If you've forgotten your password, you can Click Here to reset it online.
  5. I can't remember my member number.
    If you've forgotten your member number, you can find it located on your renewal statements, your monthly statements and on documentation you received when you opened your account, investments, mortgage, loan, or line of credit. If you don't have access to these, please give us a call and we can assist.
  6. I'm a new member. Where can I find things?
    Welcome to First Calgary! We're glad you've joined us. Visit this Welcome Page for helpful tips to get set up and make the most of your membership with us. 
  7. I'm a business owner. Why doesn’t QuickBooks work anymore?
    The disconnection is a result of a URL change to our online banking environment. You'll need to work with Quick Books to correct this by disconnecting the automatic Direct Connect feature, which allows users the ability to download from a financial institution website, then setting the Direct Connect feature up again.  QuickBooks will find the new location of the First Calgary Financial log in page and you'll then enter your credentials again.  If QuickBooks does not find the new login location, you can also manually enter the new URL:
  8. Why doesn’t work anymore?
    If you’re using with your online banking, we’d like to remind you about the risks associated with disclosing your personal access code/password to third party organizations; it’s actually in contravention of your banking agreement with us – we really do encourage you to avoid this due to the risks it introduces to the security of your accounts!


Your New website features include:


Tips to find what you’re looking for, fast.

How do I find the some of the pages I frequent?

Get to where you're going easily with improved navigation, and these handy links:

Find Answers To Frequently Asked Questions on:

Explore the Members Area with:

  • Access to Online Banking
  • Member perks
  • Member support
  • Access to resources including FAQs and financial tips posted in the Knowledge Hub

Has online banking changed?

No, your online banking experience has not changed. Continue checking your accounts, paying bills and making transfers as you normally do! Login to online banking using the 19-digit number found on your MEMBER CARD from the Members Area.


How do I find specific information about a mortgage or line of credit?

All our products and services can be accessed through the “Services” link from the Members Area.


Want to talk to us?

Simply click or swipe the Talk To Us on the right side of any page. You’ll find a phone number for our Contact Centre, a link to our online contact form and a search box for your nearest branch. And if you’d like to check us out on social media, we have direct links for those as well.


Can’t find what you’re looking for?

That happens! Enter your search term at the top of the page and we’ll provide you with some options.


Your opinion matters!

Let us know your thoughts on the new website. Call us at 403.520.8111. We strive to make your experiences with us as easy as possible, and your feedback makes a difference! 

?Did You Know

It's important that you always keep your browser up to date to stay safe online. If this new website isn't displaying properly for you, please check to see if an update is available for the browser you're viewing this on! Stay safe online.


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