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Member Alerts



Help prevent fraud with Member Alerts.


Take advantage of the Member Alert service to help you protect your accounts from the most common fraud schemes. It’s a free, safe notification service available to all members.


Simply sign up, select the type of alerts you'd like and choose if you'd like to receive them by email or text message!


Here's How


Member Alerts provide instant notifications when certain things happen on your account. They’re safe and secure - they don’t contain personal information, account number(s), login information or any data that could be used to identify you, or your account.


We recommend setting them up for when:

  • A new payee or e-transfer recipient is added (Note: This alert is only sent if the bill payee is added to Online Banking via a computer)

  • There is a change in your personal access code (this is your password!)


You can also set up additional Member Alerts for:



  • Online Banking Account Locked Out - A Notification is sent when Online Banking access has been locked out after the maximum number of failed attempts to answer the security question has been reached (3 attempts).
  • Online Login - A Notification is sent each time Online Banking is accessed.





  • INTERAC® e-Transfer recipient added - Notification is sent when a new eTransfer recipient is added.





  • Notification is sent for upcoming member events or promotions (i.e. Special Member Offers, AGM Invitation etc.)



Personalize your Alert Contacts for one or all of your Alert notifications. For example, a work email, a home email and a mobile number (text message) may all be selected for one (or all!) of your notifications.


Have more than one account? Give each account a Mobile Nickname for a simple way to tell which of your accounts an Alert has been triggered for. Customize the Mobile Nickname by selecting the “Manager Alert Contacts or Mobile Nicknames” link in online banking.