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Why Should I vote in the Director Election?

Vote for your 2018 board of directors

You have a say in how your credit union is run.


One of the many benefits of credit union membership is your ability to vote for the Board of Directors. As a member-owned, member-led institution, our Board is comprised of your fellow members; members you choose through an annual voting process.


Vote online before March 6, 2018 and support local charities! 

For each vote received, Connect First Credit Union will be making a donation to a local charity we support. You’ll have the opportunity to help choose where the donation will be made in the voting process!


Why voting matters to you


The policies the Board of Directors approves impacts YOU – have your interests represented by the leaders you help elect when policies are approved, including guiding principles for annual member common share dividends.


The Board of Directors is member-elected – very few places you bank, or do any business with encourage you to vote for the people who steward the wellbeing of the organization.


The Board of Directors approves the direction your credit union takes – they’re directly responsible for our strategic and business plan direction which act as First Calgary’s roadmap to achieving long-term success and a prosperous future. Have a say in who makes those decisions!


We've made it easy for you


The Board follows a rigorous endorsement process to affirm each candidate has the published skills, qualifications and diversity we’re looking for. All candidates are endorsed this year.


Get to know the Board candidates on our Director Election website. Reviewing the candidates, getting to know the board objectives and casting your vote will take no more than 20 minutes. Voting will be available online until March 6, 2018.


Vote now!



Election results will be announced at our Annual General Meeting on March 14, 2018 at TELUS Spark in Calgary.

Save that date! We’d love to see you there.