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Our Local Legends

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    Local Legends: Edelweiss Imports

    It all started when Marianne Kundert’s parents bought a deli in Brentwood Mall. It was her mom’s dream to own a café, and hospitality was in her blood. She loved to cook and bake, so they expanded the deli and began serving homemade tortes, baked every day with real ingredients.

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    Local Legends: Hidden Secrets

    It’s not hard to spot Elisa Maxwell. If it’s not her infectious laugh that pulls you in, her indomitable spirit will. She’s the owner of Hidden Secrets, a gift shop that’s been a staple in Strathmore for 12 years. But “business owner” isn’t the only hat she’s worn in this town – she’s been a single mom to five boys, a scout leader, and a hockey mom.

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    Local Legends: Meet the Men of Durango Livestock

    The story of how Durango Livestock got its start is not the story you would expect to hear. The Van Herk brothers didn’t grow up on a farm. The only thing they inherited from their parents was a good work ethic. Before Durango, Alex was a butcher, while Fred pursued his Master’s in Animal Science.