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Want to travel before college?



Want to travel before college? Make a plan before you pack your bags.

Travelling before college is the best idea, ever! You can totally make your adventure of a lifetime happen with a few simple planning tips.


Make a budget

Be realistic about how much you can save before your trip. You’re embarking on a great adventure. You’re going to want to do, see, taste everything. The more you scrimp now, means the more you can experience later. So, hold off on that big night out and stick to at-home movie nights.


Do your research

Read some travel blogs and get a feel for the place you’re visiting. There are many different ways to travel these days. Are you a backpacker, a mid-range traveler, or are you blowing it all by going for all five stars? Remember that budget! Search a range of accommodations that suit your finances, interest level, location and most of all, safety.


TIP:  In some countries, basic medicines or hygiene products are hard to find or expensive. Stock up before you go.


Get a chequing account

Sometimes there can be withdrawal issues from a foreign savings account. Make your primary account a chequing account. There’s no cost and you can access your money anywhere.


Get a credit card

Debit isn’t as widely accepted as Visa or Mastercard.


TIP:  If your adventure involves a road trip across Canada, save on costly ATM fees with Ding Free!


Get a savings account

Open a savings account specifically for your trip. Choose from a variety of savings accounts that earn interest, have automatic withdrawals, or save in US currency:


TIP:  If you're heading to the US, save with a US chequing account and avoid transfering your currency over!


Get travel insurance

Insurance can recuperate the cost from delays, cancellations and medical costs. As a First Calgary member, you’re eligible for amazing rates, from our partner, CUMIS. This coverage offers unique protection rated specifically for the area where you plan to travel. You pay according to your destination, whether you're travelling for business, pleasure, or to attend school.


Have fun!

Obviously, this part is critical. Having your finances in place before you go will ensure that this is just the first of many adventures to come!


TIP:  Take pictures!