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Email Scams To Watch Out For

Stay safe online! 

If you think that you've received a suspcious email or text, let us know by calling us at 1.866.923.4778.

Don't click the links or supply information if you're unsure - always check first. 


Caution Members! Don't fall for this email.

It looks a bit like us...but it's not.


If you receive an email like the below in your inbox, do not take the bait! Delete the email, and do not click the link. This phishing scam is an attempt to get you to divulge your personal information to identity theives.


First Calgary Financial will never ask you to click a link and then provide personal information from an email we send you. 


The biggest of thanks to our vigilant First Calgary members who reported this scam. If you're ever in doubt about a communication you receive, be sure to call us and confirm it's legit before you act at: 1.866.923.4778


The Email Scam


Phishing Scam.png


What to do if You Think You've Been the Victim of Identity Theft

  1. Notify us immediately if you suspect fraud or identity theft by calling 1.866.923.4778.
  2. Call the police and file a report. Keep a copy of the report for your records.
  3. Change your PIN and passwords immediately.

Keep a list of the people you speak to when reporting a fraud, recording all dates, names, phone numbers and what was said.


Where to get more information

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre | 1.888.495.8501

Competition Bureau of Canada | 1.800.348.5358

The Little Black Book of Scams

Government of Canada (Public Safety Canada) resources on Identity Theft