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Fraud, Schemes, & Scams

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    Avoid These Online Shopping Scams

    With Black Friday and Cyber Monday some of the biggest online shopping times of the year, it's important to stay alert and follow these best practices to keep your personal information safe.

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    Keeping Your Device Safe

    Slow or old device? Thinking of upgrading? Do these few simple things to PROTECT your device and get it running as good as new before you spend on updated hardware.

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    Protecting Your Personal Information

    The internet is a wonderful resource, but lurking beyond the wealth of information and entertainment are dangers that can have a real impact on our personal lives and it’s more vital than ever to take these SAFE measures to protect your personal information.

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    How To Repel Phishing Attacks

    Phishing is a shady approach that cybercriminals use to steal your personal information, learn how by following the SHADY acronym you can repel phishing attacks and protect your personal information.

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    Cyber Security

    Watch out for scams!

    Cybercriminals often impersonate well-known companies, banks and even government agencies. They may ask you to confirm your account information or log in to your account. If you take the bait, they’ve stolen your personal information.

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    Email Scams To Watch Out For

    Don't take email phishing bait.

    Don't fall for email phishing scams that ask you to click a link in an email. First Calgary will never ask you to provide personal information through a link in an email. Ever.

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    Browse with Confidence

    Protect yourself online.

    Identity theft and financial scams can happen to anyone. Learn how to protect yourself.