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Google Pay

Tap To Pay The Easy Way.

Members can make quick and easy contactless payments with Google Pay on their Android devices.  Online, in apps or in physical stores, use your Android device to make everyday purchases anywhere that the following symbols are displayed.




Contactless_Logo_png.png               GooglePay_Logo_Primary_RGB_436x173px.png



How to Set Up Google Pay:

1. Download or open the Google Pay app.

2. Follow the instructions to add your MemberCard.

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How to Pay in stores with Google Pay:

1. Simply unlock your phone (you don't even need to open the app!).

2. Hold the back of your device to the payment terminal.

3. You'll see a check marck on your screen when payment is successful.


How to Pay in-apps with Google Pay:

1. Once you've added your card to a device, there's no need to enter yout payment info at checkout.

2. Just select the option of 'Google Pay', confirm your purchase and you're all set.




Is paying with my phone or smart watch safe?

Yes!  When you use your phone to pay contactless, Google Pay doesn't send your actual credit or deit card number with your payment.  Instead, an encrypted virtual account number is used to represent your info - so your real card details stay safe.



Have questions?  Talk to us at 1.866.923.4778 or watch this video to learn more about Google Pay: 


The Legal Stuff:

Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.