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What is your Guest WiFi Code of Conduct?

We’ve got a few rules around our free WiFi service. To put it simply, stay away from the content you wouldn’t want your mother to see. 


You know, the offensive stuff like pornography, violence, gambling, discrimination, hatred, harassment, threatening content, anything racially, culturally or religiously offensive, has inappropriate religious or political messages, anything that violates or infringes the rights of any other person according to the Alberta Human Rights Commission or the Canadian Charter of Rights or Freedoms or that violates the PIPEDA (the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act), anything that encourages the use of controlled substances, participation in an illegal act or uses the system to incite criminal actions or advocates illegal acts or facilitates unlawful activity, peer-to-peer sharing, anonymity proxies. Oh, and pyramids scheme related activity is bad too, don’t look that stuff up.


If you do accidentally look up these topics – it will be blocked for your convenience and protection!