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Banking Online

Don’t see the question you’re looking for? Talk to us - we’d love to help!

  • We can help. Talk to us at 1.866.923.4778 to get started. You’ll need your MEMBER CARD® number handy (you received this in the branch when you setup your account).


    Once registered, sign into your online banking and set up your security questions.


    Have you seen our free, award-winning app? Complete your daily banking on your phone by downloading it today! Just look for the Connect First Credit Union on the App Store or Play Store.


    Did you know, as a credit union member you can use thousands of ATMs across Canada for free? The Ding Free app shows you ATMs you can use for free based on your location. Look for it on the App Store or Play Store.


    With online banking, you can:

    • Obtain current account balances and transfer funds between your accounts
    • Transfer funds to other peoples' Canadian bank accounts using INTERAC® e-Transfer
    • View account history
    • Make loan payments
    • Post-date or pay bills immediately
    • View cheque images
    • View or change your electronic statement

    Using the Internet Explorer 8.x environment? Be sure to allow Connect First Credit Union pop ups by clicking “Allow Pop-ups from This Site”.

  • An award-winning banking app? Yes, please! Access all your daily banking on your smartphone. Just look for "Connect First Mobile Banking" on the App Store or "Connect First Credit Union" in the Play Store.

    Note: our Mobile App will not work on iPads/Tablets, however you can access it on your browser (e.g. Safari) by visiting

    Once installed, sign in and complete all your daily banking needs. Need help? Talk to us


  • Yes, you can use touch ID to log in to your Connect First Credit Union Online Banking App.

     by following these steps:

    1. Tap the menu bar in the upper left corner of your app
    2. Select “Settings”, then “Biometric Authentication”
    3. Select “Face ID" or "Touch ID"
    4. Activate
    5. Read through and Accept the terms and conditions
  • If you forgot your password, you can reset it!

    Click the Forgotten password? link on the login page and follow the instructions. You will need your username, and the email or cell number on file.

    View the guide.

  • We recommend using one of the following supported browsers:

    • Google Chrome
    • Apple Safari
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Microsoft Edge
  • Once your username has been selected, you are unable to change it. Alternatively, you can use your 19-digit PAN (number on your debit card) in the username field if preferred.

  • Andriod - OS Version 5 or higher

    Apple - OS Version 11 or higher

  • No, but you can view digital banking on your tablet using your browser (e.g. Safari) by going to

  • After three attempts with the incorrect fingerprint, facial recognition, or password, the mobile application will display a locked-out message.


    To get it unlocked, please call the phone number that appears in the error message.

    You can also select the Forgotten Password link to reset your login and follow this process.

  • Log in to your new Digital banking platform, go to the menu option “Transfers & Payments” and select “Autodeposit settings”.

  • View the guide.

    If your e-Transfer notification lists First Calgary as your default financial institution, you must click on the button "Select a different financial institution" and look for Connect First Credit Union in the dropdown (you may have to scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'credit union' from the drop-down menu). If you try to deposit to First Calgary Financial, you will get an error.

  • If your recipient hasn’t deposited the money into their account, you can cancel your Interac e-Transfer. View the guide.


    Once the deposit has been made, there is no way to reverse the transaction. You'll have to make arrangements directly with the recipient.

  • To reverse a payment, you will need to contact your local branch.

    If you have scheduled a bill payment in your digital banking that has not yet been made, you can go to "Transfers & Payments" and select "View scheduled payments".

  • Our new digital banking platform allows you to set up frequent transactions, such as transfers and bill payments, as favourites for quicker processing. View the guide.

  • You can set up account alerts and security alerts to get notified by text or email of key activities on your account.

    Account alerts allow you to monitor specific accounts so you can track activities like deposits or withdrawals over a set amount, account balances, insufficient funds and failed transactions.

    Security alerts inform you of any changes to your profile, including a password change or a login attempt. View the Guide.

  • Two-factor authentication, also known as one-time password (OTP), allows for additional security on sensitive transactions or activities. It is a secure code sent to your email or cell phone number to verify it is you authorizing the activity.

    Two-factor authentication is used when you log in to the new digital banking platform for the first time and when you perform sensitive transactions such as:

    • Add New Payee
    • Change Password
    • Reset Password
    • Update Contact Information
    • Enter Member Transfers
    • Add/Edit Interac e-Transfer Recipient
    • Manage Interac e-Transfer Profile
    • Autodeposit Setup and Changes
  • When you first set up your profile, your personal and business memberships won’t automatically be consolidated. You will need to complete the onboarding process for each membership separately.

    From your business profile, you can then add your personal or other business accounts and access them from a single login.

    View the guide: Consolidate accounts

  • As a signer on the account, you can set up a delegate’s username, as well as assign Read-only or Initiator access. This transaction requires you to enter an authentication code before it can be completed.

    A temporary password will be generated and sent to the delegate by email or cell phone. You will need to notify the delegate of the username you have set up.

    View the guide: Set up delegates




    Max Amount Per Transfer

    $ 3,000


    Max Amount Per 24 Hours 

    $ 3,000


    Max Amount Per Rolling 7 Days



    Max Amount Per Rolling 30 Days




    *A fee will be applicable for requests of additional information on incoming transfers.