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Bank Statements

Thank you for your patience and support as we transitioned to our new systems.

To be the best financial institution for our members, we needed to move away from the old technology that was holding us back,
so we went all-in.


Now, we have one of the most modern banking systems and digital platforms in the country. This investment in new technology helps us to evolve and offer our members a better experience for the long-term. We are building a credit union for the 2020s, building on our history, and we can’t wait to continue making enhancements and improvements to support your financial needs.


Understanding your statement

With the transition to the new system, there have been changes to the format and number of statements for some members. Members who have both solely owned and joint accounts will see multiple monthly statements going forward. A limited number of accounts may have seen refund or credit transactions during this statement period that were unanticipated.


Some of the terminology has changed on the statements too - see below for definitions:


  • Period beginning/period ending – These dates provide the timeframe of the transactions captured on the statement. Most statements run for a 30-day period but there are times when the statement captures a shorter or longer period (for example, annual products).
  • Account number – The account number at the top of your statement refers to your primary statement account number. Depending on the products you have with us, your statement may cover transactions for multiple accounts. These are captured account-by-account on the statement.
  • Debits – Debits refer to transactions that withdraw funds from your accounts. These include purchases made in store, automatic fund transfers you have set-up (for example, monthly insurance payment), Interac e-Transfers you send, loan payments and bill payments.
  • Credits – Credits refer to transactions that make deposits in your accounts. These include payroll, cash deposits, automatic payments from payees such as the government or your pension, Interac e-Transfers you receive, account corrections and refunds.
  • Balance – This is the amount of money that was in your account after each debit or credit. It is a moment-in-time snapshot of your account balance. For your current balance, please check your online banking account or connect with your local credit union.


Would you like to talk to one of our team members about your statement?

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