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Shifting To Retirement


You’ve planned ahead. 

You’ve saved for retirement. You’re ready to enjoy a life of leisure. But there’s a major decision to make: How should you manage your retirement income? There’s a lot of options out there. Our teams can help you navigate the pros and cons for your personal situation.


?Did You Know

Being a member pays! Over $13.3 Million in dividends are now being shared with our member-owners. It's what sets us apart from banks. Interested in making common shares a bigger part of your investment strategy? It's easy.


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Transferring Wealth

Planning how you’ll distribute your estate takes time and careful planning. Discover how to protect your assets, navigate taxation and ensure that financial matters are managed expediently for your loved ones.


Retirement Income Fund (RIF)

Know your options when it comes to planning your retirement income, and how you can continue growing your RSP, tax free after the age of 71 by transferring your RSPs into RIFs.


Estate Planning

Sail smoothly through retirement with the proper planning and preparation. Assess your needs and design a plan to protect your wealth, maximize its distribution and minimize taxes with an estate plan that helps your loved ones when you’re gone.


Insurance Provides Peace Of Mind

It’s important that you take the time to periodically review the life and accidental insurance policies that you carry to ensure that you have the coverage you need... and that you aren’t paying more than you actually need to! The right coverage can mean the difference between protecting your loved ones from financial stress, and leaving them to cope with your accumulated debt.

The Legal Stuff

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