Travel Tips

Before you travel, inform your branch you will be out of town, and ask to add messages to your account reflecting this. Letting us know where you are travelling to and how long you will be gone will help ensure uninterrupted card service.

Do you have all the products and services you need?

  • Travel Insurance – Put your mind at ease by being prepared with Travel Insurance. For a small fee you can enjoy the benefits of knowing that you’re covered. For more details, call our Contact Center at 403-520-8000 or toll free 1-866-923-4778.
  • Currency – First Calgary Financial offers US, Sterling and Euro to our members. If you are looking for a large sum, calling ahead will help us provide you with faster and more effective service.
  • Travellers Cheques - First Calgary Financial offers American Express Travellers Cheques in Canadian, U.S., Sterling and Euro denominations.
  • Online Banking – Online banking is a great tool to use at home and can be critical while you are travelling. By taking advantage of this service you can check balances and view transactions, pay bills, transfer funds and send e-transfers while you are away.
  • Mobile Banking – View account balances and history, pay bills, transfer funds and send e-transfers no matter where you are from your smart phone. Also take advantage of the ATM locator and exchange rate information.
  • Credit Union Mastercard® – Mastercard can be a convenient way to book flights and hotels and with many cards available under the Choice Rewards® program you will earn points toward your next trip or other merchandize. Many of the cards also come loaded with travel benefits and coverage.
  • First Cheque™ Global Payment™ Card – Many hotels and resorts will only accept payment by credit card. Since the First Cheque Card is accepted by merchants as a MasterCard it can be used at these locations without accumulating interest as funds are debited from your chequing account.

    Tip: If you are applying for a new card ask about wait times and plan ahead. If you currently have a card, check the expiry date and replace the card if needed. Your card does not arrive activated; call the number on the front of the card from your home phone to activate it before you go

  • Membercard® Debit Card – A Membercard is issued same day in-branch and can be linked to any 2 deposit accounts. One which you will access by selecting “chequing” and one you will access by selecting “saving”.

    Tip: If you already have a Membercard, check the expiry date and replace it if needed.

  • Chequing account –Be aware of what is included in your account package for out of province/ country transactions. A First Calgary Financial representative can help you select the best account for your needs and go over any fees you may be charged.
  • Overdraft Protection –Unexpected costs often come up while travelling. Overdraft protection is a convenient way to have additional funds available immediately should you need them. As an added bonus, First Calgary Financial does not charge you for this service if you choose not to use it.

    Alternatively, if you already have a line of credit, you can set up a coverdraft and access it directly from your chequing account.