Deposit Accounts

With our First Rate Investor Account, when a $5,000 minimum monthly balance is maintained, interest is earned. Interest rates are tiered over $60,000. Note: Interest balances over $60,000 apply only to that tier.

For all of our other deposit accounts listed below, the Interest rates are tiered and calculated every day.

Optimum Investment Builder Account

Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly. AFT (Automated Funds Transfer) minimum of $50 regardless of frequency; monthly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly. Automatic transfer to an Optimum Investment Builder Term Deposit once the $1,000 threshold is met. Fully convertible to any other First Calgary Financial term investment at any time.

First Rate Investor (Rates effective 2015-03-06) Rates
$0 to 4,999 0.000%
$5,000 to $9,999 0.050%
$10,000 to $24,999 0.100%
$25,000 to $60,000 0.150%
$60,001 to $99,999 0.250%
$100,000 and Over 0.250%
First Rate Chequing (Rates effective 2015-03-06) Rates
$500 to $2,999 0.000%
$3000 to $6,999 0.050%
$7,000 and Over 0.050%
First Rate Savings (Rates effective 2015-03-06) Rates
First Rate Savings 0.050%
Future Account Savings (Rates effective 2015-03-06) Rates
Future Account Savings 0.050%
HARMONeY™ Account (Rates effective 2015-03-06) Rates
HARMONeY™ High Interest Savings 0.800%
Optimum Investment Builder Account (Rates effective 2015-03-06) Rates
Optimum Investment Builder Account 0.200%
Tax-Free High Interest Savings Account (Rates effective 2015-03-06) Rates
$0 to $4,999 0.250%
$5,000 and over 0.500%

All rates and products may change without notice, please contact any First Calgary Financial branch or our Contact Centre at (403) 520-8000 for more information.