Following below is a summary of our featured deposit and loan rates. For more rates, please select from one of the individual rate pages listed to the left.

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Buying and selling rates, as listed below, are stated from the member perspective.

Prime Rate (Rates effective 2017-09-07) Rates
Prime Rate 3.20%
Featured Foreign Exchange Rates (Rates effective 2017-09-21) Buying Selling
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U.S. Cash 1.2623 1.2073
Euro Cash 1.5176 1.4276
Featured Fixed Rate Mortgage Rates (Rates effective 2017-09-07) Rates
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3 Year Closed - PROMOTIONAL RATE 2.840%
5 Year Closed - PROMOTIONAL RATE 2.990%
Variable Rate Mortgages (Rates effective 2017-09-07) Rates
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5 Year Convertible 3.200%
Featured Non-redeemable Term Deposits (Rates effective 2017-08-11) Rates
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48 to 59 Months 1.850%
60 Months 2.100%
Business First Account (Rates effective 2010-11-10) Rates
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$0 To $9,999 0.000%
$10,000 To $39,999 0.050%
AOD Loans and Mastercard® (Rates effective 2009-04-22) Rates
Authorized Overdraft Loans 21.00%
MasterCard® 19.49%