Correct Your Information

Request for Correction of Personal Information

A request to correct personal information can be made after you have been given access to the information. If you believe there is an error or omission in your personal information contained in a First Calgary Financial record you may, under section 25 (2) of the Personal Information Protection Act, request correction of the information.

Please note that requests for correction can be made only for factual personal information. Opinions about you such as evaluative comments or assessments are personal information but are not facts about you. It is not possible to correct or annotate opinions. If you disagree with an evaluation or assessment you may speak with the Branch Manager about it and ask that your statement of disagreement be linked to the evaluation. As far as the Personal Information Protection Act is concerned, however, only factual information, not subjective opinions, can be corrected.

The procedure for making such a request to First Calgary Financial is outlined below.

Step 1:

Make your request for correction to the Branch that has custody or control of your personal information. Explain the reasons for your request and provide, when necessary, the factual information that is missing or that proves the information on file is incorrect. Most information is corrected through an informal process using regular procedures. Requests to the Privacy Office are not be to confused with normal, routine requests to correct, update or change personal information, such as address changes, change of name (ie: due to major life events such as marriage), etc. The Privacy Officer will advise you if your request to change personal information can be managed within the retail branch network or through our Member Care Centre at 403.520.8000.

Step 2:

In rare cases, a Branch might refuse to:

  • Correct the information;
  • Attach to the information your statement of disagreement about the correction that you requested but which was not made;
  • Notify any person or body to whom your personal information was disclosed within the year before you made you request.

If this happens and you disagree with the outcome, you can make a formal request to the Privacy Office to review your correction request. Complete and print off the Request for Correction of Personal Information form and submit one signed copy, either delivering it by hand, mailing it or faxing it to the Privacy Officer (see details on form).

Requests received by electronic mail (email) are not accepted.

Step 3:

Your request must contain:

  • A description of the specific information to be corrected;
  • The location of the information (i.e., the identity of the personal information bank, if applicable, or the department or office that has custody or control of the record(s) containing your personal information);
  • The correction you want made;
  • The reason(s) for the correction.

A clearly defined request will greatly assist First Calgary Financial to search, locate and retrieve the personal information and answer your request quickly. We may ask you to present yourself in person to the appropriate department with one piece of picture ID or provide other proof of identity satisfactory to it.

Step 4:

If you are unable to provide sufficient detail to describe the personal information you wish corrected, contact the Privacy Officer for help formulating your request.

Step 5:

When your request is received, we will send you an acknowledgement letter. First Calgary Financial has 45 days to process your request and determine if the correction will be made.

Step 6:

Once the Privacy Officer has completed his/her formal review of the situation, a Correction of Personal Information Recommendation will be submitted for approval to the appropriate decision maker.

Step 7:

When First Calgary Financial reaches a decision you will be notified in writing that either the correction was made or your request was refused. The letter will explain in detail the decision and give reasons.

Step 8:

If your request for correction is granted First Calgary Financial will delete the original, incorrect information and replace it with the correct information that you requested. If your request for correction is refused, First Calgary Financial will annotate the information with the correction that you requested or your statement of disagreement. Either will be attached or linked to your personal information and the original information will remain on the record.

Step 9:

If you are not satisfied with First Calgary Financial’s decision to refuse to correct your personal information, you have thirty (30) days from the date of our decision letter to request a review by Alberta’s Information and Privacy Commissioner.