Safe Computing Practices

At First Calgary Financial, we are working with you to protect you from any risk while using our online banking services.

Even though First Calgary Financial has created a secure informational environment, it is equally important you employ ‘safe computing’ practices to enhance the protection of your information while performing transactions through electronic channels as well.

The following are suggested actions you can take to further protect your personal information:

Anti Virus Software

While computers and cyberspace can bring great value to our communication options, they also bring inherent risks of virus or Trojan Horses. As the likelihood of contracting a virus increases, and with any kind of technological intrusive forced entry, it is important to use an updated anti-virus software capable of scanning your incoming and outgoing emails as well as scanning your complete system for viruses. A good anti-virus software can save you hours of frustration as your try to restore an infected computer system or deal with the consequences of lost files.

The most common form of forced computer entry is a virus. Viruses have become an unfortunate reality of the information age - they spread quickly and can create havoc from minor nuisances to a total malfunction of your computer.

The other type of threat to your computer is called a Trojan Horse. Trojan Horses are similar to viruses in that they will harm your computer, however, they differ from Viruses as they do not self-replicate. The primary danger from a Trojan Horse is their potential to allow another user to take over your computer or capture information through your keystrokes without your knowledge or consent. These types of programs can capture and send sensitive information from your computer to a remote user who has gained access to your computer.

The best way to combat these two forces is to ensure you have installed up-to-date anti-virus software on your computer. There is a variety of different anti-virus software on the market. Symantec’s Norton Anti-Virus and McAfee Security are two of the leading vendors. These programs typically include 12 months of automatic virus definition updates that will provide automatic updates as long as that function is activated.

To obtain the latest virus or other security vulnerability information, please visit the following links:

McAfee Virus Information Site
Symantec Norton Security Products Information Page

Ensure Your Software is Up-to-Date

From time to time software vendors identify vulnerabilities with their products and issue ‘patches’ that fix these issues. If you do not install the patches in a timely fashion, it may leave your computer vulnerable to certain attacks. Check the Web site of your operating system or web browser vendor to ensure you have installed the latest updates for your computer. Companies such as Symantec (Norton Anti-Virus) also have security bulletin boards that alert users of certain updates or patches. Some operating systems can be configured to automatically check for updates. Please refer to your user manual for more information.

Always Log-off

When you have finished your Web banking session, always remember to properly log-off and close the browser screen. This ensures any stored or cached information is deleted from the system and intruders or other users are not able to view your confidential information. This is especially important when you are using a shared computer such as those at Internet cafés or public libraries.

Use Strong Encryption

Encryption is a technology that makes it difficult for unauthorized individuals to intercept and view your online activity. First Calgary Financial uses encryption to protect your personal data by utilizing a strong encryption standard (128-bits) in our web site’s secure server environment.


A firewall is a security system that uses rules to allow or block data transmission between your computer and the Internet. By using a personal firewall, you create a protective barrier between your computer and the Internet by only allowing the traffic you have designated as desirable. A personal firewall can be a software-based solution, a hardware-based solution or a combination of hardware and software solution.

As a personal firewall is rules-based, you will need to be aware of the rules you set. Use care when an unfamiliar source is attempting to contact your computer or when a program on your computer is attempting to contact the Internet.



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